Privacy and Policy of Website Security

Welcome to visit the official website of Taiwan Comics Base (hereinafter referred to as this website). In order to enable you to utilize all sorts of service and information of the website safely, we would like to explain the policy of privacy protection of the website to protect your rights. Please read the content below thoroughly. If you have any suggestions to the website, please email to

  1. The Range of Policy of Privacy Protection
    The content of policy of privacy protection includes the website processing the involvement of personal information collection, utilization, and protection when you use the services of the website. However, it does not apply to other linking websites other than this, nor do the people who involve in managing the website.
  2. The collection, processing and utilization of personal information
    • When you visit the website or use the services provided by the website (such as the system of member service, on line inquiry form, and newsletter subscription), we will examine the property of the service and ask you to provide the necessary personal information, process and utilize your personal information under this specific purpose. The website will not use your personal information to other ways unless we have your written consent.
    • The IP of the website will record related information when you’re browsing. It includes your IP address of the connected device, the time of use, browser, browsing pages and data of clicks to be our references of improving our website service. This data is for internal use only and will never be revealed to the public.
    • In order to provide more specific service, we will interpret statistics and analysis to the questionnaires which have collected. The result of the analysis whether is statistics or words, we’ll reveal them if it’s necessary, besides internal use, but it does not involve the information of specific individuals.
  3. The protection of information
    • The host of the website has various information security devices such as firewalls and anti-virus systems all sorts equipment of information security, and other necessary security protections, in order to protect the website and your personal information rigorously. Only people with authorization have the access of your personal information. All the managing people have signed the confidentiality agreement, if they violate the obligation of confidentiality, they will be charged by law.
    • If it’s necessary to authorize other companies to provide services due to business requirement, the website will strictly demand our partners to obey the obligation of confidentiality, and have necessary examining process to assure that they will indeed cooperate.
  4. The safeguard of website security
    Any unauthorized behaviors and attempt to upload or change any service and information provided by the website are strictly prohibited and against the law. In order to maintain the security and service of the website for all the internet users, we provide the following safeguards: detecting system of internet hacking, internet traffic monitoring, to find out any unauthorization of attempting to upload or changing the information of WebPages, or deliberate destroyers.

    • Set up firewall to prevent illegal hacking, destruction or stealing and data elimination, and to avoid the website is illegally used to protect the rights to users.
    • Install anti-virus software, and scan virus regularly, in order to provide users a safer environment of webpage browsing.
    • Imitate hackers’ attacks irregularly, and practice the recovery process of the system while there is a security crisis, and provide the appropriate level of safe guard.
    • Automatically receive the notification emails of security maintenance from all the related operation system suppliers or application suppliers, and install the proper PATCH, according to the advice from the email.
    • The transmission of internet can not guarantee 100% security. The website will endeavor to protect the security of the site and your personal information. We will use the standard SSL security system under some circumstances, in order to ensure the safety of data transmission. However, as the data transmission process involves the preservation of your online environment, we cannot ensure that you transmit or receive the security of the information on this website. You must pay attention and take the risk of internet data transmission. Please understand the consequences of this section are beyond our control.
  5. Other external links related to the website
    The WebPages of the website provides links to other websites, and you can click to other websites via the links provided by the website. However, the linking websites do not apply the policies of privacy protection of the website so you have to take the policies of privacy protection of linking websites as references.
  6. Policies of co-use personal information with the third party
    The website will not provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private companies, or governmental bureaus. However, it can apply to the one with legal contract or obligations, which includes:

    • With your consent on paper
    • Regulate by laws
    • In order to prevent the danger of your life, body, freedom and property
    • Cooperate with governmental bureaus or academic research institutes, which is necessary for the public interests or academic research, in addition, the data have been processed by providers or collectors are unable to identify any specific individual from the way of revealing data.
    • When your behaviors on the website violate the regulations of services or potentially damage or obstruct the website and any other users’ right or cause anyone’s damage, and it is considered as necessary by the managing unit of the website to reveal your personal information in order to distinguish, contact or take legal action after their evaluation.
    • You will be benefited from it.
    • The website authorizes the suppliers help collect, process or utilize your personal information, we will take the responsibility for monitoring and managing all the outsourcing suppliers.
  7. The Use of Cookie
    In order to provide you with the best service, the website will place our Cookie in your computer for you to install and use. If you are unwilling to accept our Cookie to write in your computer, you can set up to refuse Cookie to write in your computer from your browser; however, it might lead some functions of the website are unable to operate properly.
  8. Self-data Security Safeguards
    Please keep your membership account, password, and your personal information safely, do not provide your personal data to any third party to protect your rights. We want to remind you that after using the member service of the website, please remember to log out your account. If you co-use the computer with other people, or use public computers, do not use the function of remembering password of browsers, and close browsers after using to prevent other people from reading your personal information.
  9. The Modification of the Policy of Privacy Protection
    The policy of privacy protection of the website will be amended at any time due to different requirements, and the revised terms will be posted on the website.