Taiwan Comics Base Members Personal Information Collection, Processing and Utilization Notification Statement

Welcome to become one of the members of Taiwan Comics Base. According to first clause of article 8 based on Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the “PDP Law”), in order to protect the user’s information, privacy and rights, we should inform you the following things, please read them thoroughly. When you become a member by inputting your personal data via the website, it indicates that you have agreed the contents of the statement.

  1. Name of Government Institution: Ministry of Culture
  2. The purpose of collection
    Under the purposes of customer management and service, and for marketing, statistics survey, and research analysis, information and data base management, we’ll collect, process and utilize the personal information provided by you under the Personal Data Protection Law.
  3. Categories of Personal Information
    Name, email address, phone number, ID number, occupation, publication, and current employment status,…etc.
  4. Time, location, object and method for personal data utilization:
    • Duration: During the period of Taiwan Comics Base operating, or reservation owing to business operation.
    • Location: In the territory of Republic of China.
    • Object: The Ministry of Culture and other institutions with joint marketing, promotion, and legal authority.
    • Method: By using e-newsletters, emails, post mails, phones, or other automatic and non-automatic machines.
  5. The right of Person concerned according to the third Article of the Personal Data Protection Law
    According to the third article of the Personal Data Protection Law, you have the following rights of accessing your data in the website: checking, browsing, copying, renewing, correcting, asking for collection termination, asking for processing suspension, asking for utilization suspension, and asking for elimination. If your requirements based on the previous descriptions cause an impact on the operation of the purposes based on the previous descriptions, we have the right to cease or terminate your membership, and are able to charge you the expense of your checking, browsing and copying the data on the website.
    If you would like to execute your rights, you can apply to us via the following channel:

  6. The impact of a person concerned refusing to provide personal information
    You are able to choose if you would like to provide personal data freely, if you refuse to provide related personal data, we are unable to operate the necessary evaluation or process, which may lead to be unable to provide you with related services.
  7. You should understand the statement complies with the requirements of Personal Data Protection Law and other related regulations, and we have your written consent that allows us to collect, process and utilize your personal information.

If there is any missing part of the statement, we will complete follow the Personal Data Protection Law, and other related regulations.