The Golden Comic Awards (GCA), founded in 2010, are Taiwan’s highest national award for comics. The scope of the awards was expanded in 2017 by the Ministry of Culture to better promote Taiwan’s original comic works/publications and derivative works to a global audience. In addition to an awards ceremony, this year’s GCA will feature three panel discussions, three networking sessions, a business matching center, and an exhibition. Comic artists and other professionals will travel to Taiwan from around the world for this exciting event to engage their peers in the comics industry and explore branding, marketing, and other collaborative ventures. Creative ideas will be shared, relationships will be forged, and new avenues to marketing, cross-media creations, distribution, and branding will be paved. In short, it will be the comics event of the year!

Ushering in a golden era for comics

The Golden Comic Awards is now in its ninth year. Since its creation, this festival has stood as witness to the glorious blossoming of many comics creators. Since 2017, the awards ceremony has included an international conference. With this, it became an important venue for promoting Taiwan’s comics as a global brand. This year, forum activities will run for two days and include panels, networking events, business matching meetings, and theme exhibits.

This has proven to be a year of revival for Taiwan’s comics industry. The comic-themed Chen Wen Exhibition was held at the National Palace Museum. Visited by over 100,000 people, the exhibition rekindled interest in the comic arts. The government, meanwhile, has introduced a number of measures to give creators greater access to resources and improve Taiwan’s ability to produce quality comic works. Meanwhile, a forward-looking plan to create a guidance fund for comic works, and an effort to create cross-sectoral connections with animation, games, drama, and other innovative areas, have been launched. The Comics Base is about to open in Taipei. Here, comics artists will be able to connect with one another, people working in other industries, and their fans. In Taichung, the National Comics Museum, now under construction, will present the history of Taiwan’s comics, immersing visitors in the overall context in which this genre has blossomed in Taiwan. All of these efforts will create a support system for comics that spurs further development.

Following on the success of last year’s efforts, this year’s Golden Comic Awards will include a number of side events, such as an international symposium, business matching meetings, and discussions on how to develop alliances that promote the use of content across sectors. As a special treat, we have arranged for original works that have been nominated for or won Golden Comic Awards in past years to be used in cross-sectoral cooperation projects. The results of these are being exhibited at this year’s Golden Comic Awards.

In closing, I want to give a very warm welcome to the distinguished comic artists as well as experts who are joining us this year from at home and abroad. You will stand as witnesses to the achievements of the nominees and winners of this year’s awards, and, with us, enter into a new golden age of Taiwan comics.

Cheng Li-Chiun Minister of Culture

/List Of Winners/

🎉 Best New Talent

Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark

🎉 Best Cross-media Application

Dragon Swordsman VS. The Mistery Man

🎉 Best Editor

Huang Pei-Shan

🎉 Best Comic Strip Collection

Ordinary days in Taipei

🎉 Best Comic for Kids

Loser Girl and the Unbelievable Spirit Mask Adventure 1, 2

🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Boys

The Apocalypse of Darkness Warfare

🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Girls

Why Not? 3
(有何不可 3)

🎉 Best Comic for Young Adults

Koxinga Z
(1661 國姓來襲)

🎊 Comic of the Year

Koxinga Z
(1661 國姓來襲)

🎊 Special Contribution Award

Kunlin Tsai