The Golden Comic Awards (GCA), founded in 2010, are Taiwan’s highest national award for comics. The scope of the awards was expanded in 2017 by the Ministry of Culture to better promote Taiwan’s original comic works/publications and derivative works to a global audience. In addition to an awards ceremony, this year’s GCA will feature two conferences, ten networking sessions, a business matching center, and an exhibition. Comic artists and other professionals will travel to Taiwan from around the world for this exciting event to engage their peers in the comics industry and explore branding, marketing, and other collaborative ventures. Creative neurons will fire, relationships will be forged, and new avenues to marketing, cross-media creations, distribution, and branding will be paved. In short, it will be the comics event of the year!

The Golden Comic Awards are Taiwan’s most prestigious national award for the comic arts. They inspire great creativity in our original comic artists, and have attracted young people to enter the exciting field of comics creation. Now in their eighth year, the GCA have spurred the publication of many creative comic works, and have introduced Taiwan’s best comic creations to a wider community.
This year, a record 209 works entered the competition. Of these, 34 are digital works that depict a broad range of themes. All of them exhibit boundless creativity and imagination, and are a reflection that digital natives and applications are now very much part of our cultural tapestry.
Aside from the GCA, but very much in the same spirit, the Ministry of Culture is implementing a project to assist creativity and cultivate creative people. Funds earmarked for this project will help comic artists go that extra mile and produce original works bursting with creativity, and increase industry links with creators and buyers all over the world.
This year is one of transformation. The 2017 Golden Comic Awards & Connection+ feature not only the awards ceremony, but also a rash of other exciting events including conferences, networking sessions, a business matching center, and an exhibition featuring comic works created during the VR Hack Fest.
The GCA is part of a broad effort to support Taiwan’s comics. Through the inclusion of local characteristics in comic works, by increasing added-value by engaging in multidisciplinary cooperation, and by encouraging foreign comic artists and related personnel to work with us, we will spur Taiwan’s comics on to new levels of development. This will create more opportunities for international exchanges. By bringing together creators, publishers, cross-sectoral matchups, marketers, and distributors, our ultimate aim is to transform Taiwan into an Asian comics heavyweight.
In closing, I want to welcome all of the comic artists, publishers, audiovisual professionals, game creators, digital technology workers, and brokers who have joined us from Taiwan and abroad for the Golden Comic Awards & Connection+. Together, let us stand as witnesses to the achievements of the nominees and winners, work to forge new, cross-sectoral methods of innovating, and create a new chapter in the development of Taiwan’s comics.

Minister of Culture Cheng Li-Chiun

/List Of Winners/

🎉 Best New Talent

The Little Drifter

🎉 Best Cross-media Application

Small Town, Southern Time : Zuoying & Český Krumlov
(南方小鎮時光:左營˙ 庫倫洛夫/展覽)

🎉 Best Editor

Te Li Chen

🎉 Best Comic Strip Collection

Meow!What my cat-slaving life

🎉 Best Comic for Kids

Alien Sticker(1-3)

🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Boys

(隱藏關卡 THL (1-3))

🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Girls


🎉 Best Comic for Young Adults

Yong-Jiu Grocery Store Vol.1: Leave A Light On

🎊 Comic of the Year

Yong-Jiu Grocery Store Vol.1: Leave A Light On
(用九柑仔店 1:守護暖心的所在)

🎊 Special Contribution Award

Hsu Mao-sung