Formerly known as the Graphic Novel Awards, the Golden Comic Awards have discovered many outstanding comic artists since their establishment in 2003. To elevate the Graphic Novel Awards to the top “golden” 1eve1 enjoyed by the Golden Melody Awards, Golden Tripod Awards and Golden Horse Awards, the government upgraded the Graphic Novel Awards to the Golden Comic Awards in 2010 to inspire more comic artists to greatness. With “publishers” included as one of the award categories, the government hopes to encourage both comic artists and publishers to strive for the betterment of Taiwan’s comics industry.

The Golden Comic Award consists of eight award categories: Best Potential Comic Award, Best New Comic Artist, Best Young Comic Award, Best Young Woman Comic Award, Best General Comic Award, Best Comic Contribution Award for the Year, Best Comic Grand Prize and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Spurring a Broader Readership for Taiwan’s Original Creations

Comics are a style of artistry that transcends language, nationality, and age. Memorable characters and moving stories are the hallmarks of top-notch comics, attracting to the genre a dedicated fan base, generation after generation. The Golden Comic Awards were set up to honor leading lights in Taiwan’s comics world. As Ministry of Culture has taken on the development of comics as one of its leading tasks, we hope to help our original comics and our outstanding comics publishers reach international audiences. Taiwan has a long history with comics, but up to the present it has not promoted its artists’ original works as a focal point for the publishing industry. Many of our citizens are enamored of comics, but readers’ attention is largely focused on a few types of imports. Supporting our comic artists is thus also a way of reinvigorating our publishing industry. The Golden Comics Awards, and our policies on publishing, film, TV, and music, will help comics’ derivative rights sales, allowing these creations to spring off the printed page into crossover products that expand the audience that comes into contact with our comic stories, scripts, and artists.

Taiwan’s comic artists have also been recognized internationally. Just this year, a special exhibition on Taiwan, the” Ocean of Taiwan Comics,” was featured at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

We hope that the winners of and participants in the Third Golden Comics Awards will continue their efforts, and that they and their creations may all be enjoyed and recognized the world over.

Minister of Culture Republic of China (Taiwan) Lung Yingtai

/List Of Winners/

🎉 Best Potential Comic Award


🎉 Best New Talent

Loss of the holy seal

🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Boys


🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Girls

Make a wish! DaXi

🎉 Best General Comic Award

The Seasoning of Happiness

🎉 Comic of the Year

Make a wish! DaXi

🎉 Contribution Award

(城邦文化事業股份有限公司 尖端出版)

🎉 Lifetime Achievement Award

The President of Tongli Publishing CO.,Ltd. Fang Wan-Nan
(東立出版社 范萬楠社長)