The Golden Comic Awards have been created to encourage the production of outstanding and creative comics, and to recognize the special contributions of those in the comic publishing industry. In an effort to further promote the development of Taiwan’s comic industry, the scale of the awards has been expanded.
Being held for the first time in 2010, the Golden Comic Awards recognize outstanding and creative comics as well as special contributions made by those in the comics industry. Many of the awards were previously presented as the Graphic Novel Awards, which have been melded into this new celebration of comic artists and their works. New awards have been added as a way of further inspiring Taiwan ‘s comic book industry.

The Graphic Novel Awards recognized excellence in original comics and sought to unearth a new generation of comic artists. To these same ends, the Golden Comic Awards honor comic book authors and individuals making noteworthy contributions in creating, promoting and marketing comics. They are also aimed at nurturing new talent and encouraging creativity. The Golden Comic Awards bring the domestic comic book industry to new levels of success, built as they are on a strong foundation of past experience promoting comics and incorporating the suggestions of many.

The Golden Comic Awards include prizes in nine categories: Greatest Contribution to Comics for the Year, Best Overall Comic Book of the Year, Best Comic Book for Young People, Best Comic Book for Girls, Best Comic Book, Best New Comic Book Artist, Comic Book with the Greatest Potential, Lifetime Achievement, and Best Reader’s Choice.

Golden Comic for a Resplendent New Century

In Taiwan, comics are a popular pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s has considerable influence on society, culture, and even life in general.

To promote development of the comics industry, the Government Information Office (GlO) launched the Graphic Comic Awards in 2002 with the aim of cultivating artistic talent. These awards were expanded in 2010 with the inauguration of the Golden Comic Awards, which encourage comic artists to work together with publishers to drive the development of the industry.

In addition to the Golden Comic Awards, the GIO has introduced various talent cultivation programs. For instance, one such program sends bright artists to Japan for advanced training, while the International Comic Workshop helps enhance the capabilities of local comic artists. This year, the GIO has invited Belgian Comic Strip Center Director Gerrit De Graeve and French comic critic Benoit Peeters to share their experiences with comic fans in Taiwan. Borrowing from Europe’s know-how in promoting its comics industry can help local businesses enhance their professional capabilities and expand their international horizons. At the same time, foreign artists gained a better understanding of the strengths and features of Taiwan’s comics.

Over the past several years, Taiwan’s comic creations have been making a name for itself in international competitions. For instance, Taiwanese artists were featured in Japan’s famous JUMP comics weekly and nominated at the Lausanne International Comic Strip Festival (BD-FIL). Taiwan’s strong performances at these events have attracted more people to the comics profession.

This year, the quality of competition entries has improved considerably, indicating that efforts to nurture new talent are paying off.

Nominees for this year’s awards represent the most outstanding works among a total of 122 entries. Congratulations to all nominees and winners. Quality original works such as these are the key to developing Taiwan’s comics industry. As industry professionals work together with the government, Taiwan comics industry will enter a new era, becoming another shining example of Taiwan’s soft power on the international stage.

Minister, Government Information office

/List Of Winners/

🎉 Best General Comic Award

Hundred Scrolls of a Northern City

🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Girls

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!

🎉 Best Comic for Teenage Boys


🎉 Best New Talent

Snow Season

🎉 Comic Book with the Greatest Potential

Save the Message

🎉 Comic of the Year


🎉 Greatest Contribution to Comics for the Year

Friendly Land Creative Co.,Ltd.

🎉 Greatest Contribution to Comics for the Year

Do-well Advertising Co.,Ltd.

🎉 Lifetime Achievement Award

Cai Chi-zhong