The Introduction of Taiwan Comic Base

In order to foster Taiwanese comics industry, the Ministry of Culture renovated the old building located on the four-storey of the connected building of No. 36 and No. 38, Huayin Street, Taipei City, to make it the first comic base in Taiwan. It serves as the venue for interaction, cross-domain matchmaking, exhibition and marketing for Taiwanese creative comics.

Taiwan Comic Base will plan exhibitions irregularly, in order to make the public more properly understand Taiwan Comics, and arrange comic artists a space to produce works. In addition, it will set up cross-domain comics matchmaking meeting, and workshops in order to provide an environment for Taiwan comic artists to produce works and enhance their abilities and productivity, all of which will boost the development of Taiwan comics industry.


Space and Facility

  • First Floor: Taiwan original comics shop, information desk, handicapped toilet, and nursery room

  • Second Floor: A lobby area with multi-functions for comics exhibitions, new book launches, and celebrity lectures

  • Third Floor: A space for comics exhibitions, press conferences and other activities

  • Fourth Floor: Not open for the public, only for comic artists using by application. It is a space for comic artists to produce works and communicate with each other.

  • Rooftop: A salon space for comic artists to rest and develop mutual communication

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00-20:00

  • Closed on Monday

  • Closed on national holidays, according to Taiwan Comic Base announcement


  • Address: 

    No.36 and 38 Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City

  • MRT

    Please take red line or blue line and get off at Taipei Railway Station, and exit from the North Gate Three in the Station Hall to head to Chengde Road Section One, and arrive at the intersection of Chengde Road and Huayin Street. Turn left at Huayin Street to No.36 and 38 to reach the destination.

  • Bus

    • Taipei Railway Station (Chengde) – Chengde Road turn to Huayin Street: 2, 215, 304(Chengde), 63 and 756
    • Taipei Railway Station (Zhengzhou) – Civil Boulevard to Chengde Road, and turn to Huayin Street: 2, 14, 218, 218(nonstop), 260, 260(shuttle), 274, 299(shuttle), 310, 39, 39(night), 615, 622, 641, 669, Citizen Coach No.9

Contact Information

  • TEL: +866-2-2555-3155

  • Address: No.36 and 38 Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City