Title/Period: Tigers Drive: Red Girl Prequel
Date of Publishing: 2018/11/14
Publisher: DYNA BOOKS
Author: Illustration/Yuzu, Story/Wan-Ru Yang

Why there are so many devils on the mountain?
Human face fish, moth with a ghost face, little girl in a red dress…
Entering the phantom universe of Taiwanese demons!
The authentic prequel of the comics “Little Girl in a Red Dress”, “Tigers Drive”

The co-work of comics new comer- Yuzu x Film Script Writer- Wan-Ru Yang.
It is a legend which said that the Lin’s members in Ta-Kang have body tattoo of a ferocious tiger for generations. The tattoo can make the master of tiger arrive at the world of mortals and defeat demons …

A bizarre car accident ended the Lin generation, and a missing mystery showed an eerie shadow. Jun-Kai Lin stepped into the banned mountain in order to look for a person. There was a damp earthy smell in the mountain where the moths of ghost face lingered around. “Come and play with me.”

There were two hollow black holes facing each other with tears and bloods everywhere, and the next second, he had already trapped in the magic cave.
In the temple, the candles were put out without wind, the grandfather prayed with all his heart, “May the master of tiger have mercy, I only hope Jun-Kai to be safe and ordinary…”